Basic floor plan components.
See next page for a few layout options.
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1 - base module 4.9m2

This forms the basic cross section for the construction system. It consists of a 3 bay clear span. To build a room, simply stack them up until you have the desired size. Walls may be glazed, solid or openable. A 5 bay module for larger living or meeting areas is also available.

2 - corner module 14.8m2

Used to take a floor plan around a 90° turn or as a separate guest/studio room, this module forms a crucial part of the system. Its hip roof profile makes it great for re-directing prevailing winds over your ehabitat. This size is perfect for a generous bedroom.

3 - push out module 1.6m2

This module can be ‘plugged on’ to any external wall of an ehabitat. Use singular modules for storage or combine 3 to make a very efficient bathroom. You can also use a push out module to extend your living area or utilize them for a kitchen or day bed alcove. They are often used unenclosed as a shading verandah to the north.